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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baseball Bra

See these happy couples? Well, one of them is getting married in August!!! (PS. It's the front couple! We're the second couple) Brenda and Riley are seriously my favorite couple to hang out with! Luke and Riley coached baseball together last summer and we had quite a few adventures!

(Brenda I know you didn't like this picture but the other one was WAY blurry. Sorry!)

Riley LOVES baseball as much as Luke does. This picture was taken July 4th at the Chuckar's baseball game we went to right before the fireworks. I love hanging out with these two! I can't wait for them to get married so we can have married buddies!

Anyway, Monday night I came home to find an invite to Brenda's bridal shower. No big deal, I normally go buy some fabric and *whip* out an apron that reflects the couples interests... Then I saw the date it was for Tuesday night!!!!! I didn't have much time to think of a present (Much less sew one...) so around 11:00 pm Luke and I found ourselves in Walmart trying to find the *perfect* gift.

After like an hour (No joke, it seemed like an hour, Luke HATES wondering around stores.) of wondering around Walmart I jokingly said, "What if I just bought a white bra and made it look like baseballs?" Luke was on the ground laughing. He loved the idea! haha And so our plan was set.

Here's how to make a Baseball Bra:

  1. Buy the right size bra, the smaller the better (then it looks like real baseballs).
  2. Make sure you have a red sharpie or another permanent or fabric maker
  3. Use a cup to make the curves of the stitches (Luke held the cup; haha both cups technically, while I traced the shape)
  4. Draw the stitches on the bra (PLEASE make sure you draw the stitches correctly; Luke will shoot me if you don't. He will notice, trust me.) One side of the stitches goes up and the other side goes down.
  5. Stand back and admire!

So what do you think??? Doesn't look like baseballs????

I'll have to admit if you don't look to close it looks like I bought it that way!! Everybody kept asking where I bought it! haha

Here's the gift basket before the final stages. I forgot to take a picture of the final gift, sorry! I made a baseball watching basket, Trust me I know how much she's going to be watching baseball now that she's married to a baseball boy.

The card read:
Since you guys said you had everything for your home. I thought I'd help you out with
Baseball season.
Sunscreen: So you don't burn like I did last year (This is a BIG running joke with Riley's brother)
Lotion: So you can soothe Riley's sore muscle
Candy: A little treat for during the game
Everything else: A little treat for AFTER the game.

So in the basket I had sunscreen, lotion, candy (which included bubble gum, a must for us Mormons), the Baseball bra, panties, red and white socks and eye black. Luke said the eye black was a MUST.

The gift was a hit! I had everyone at the party laughing and saying how perfect it was for Riley! Like I said before they kept asking where I bought it!

So if you are ever looking for that perfect baseball bridal gift, come back and visit me!


  1. This is the cutest thing ever

  2. This is the cutest thing ever

  3. I love the Baseball bra. I am going to have to make one. :)

  4. Would you ever take orders for these?

  5. I am definitely going to have to make a baseball bra for myself!

  6. Thank you! This is so cute. Perfect birthday gift for a friend who does everything to 'support' her favorite team! Tried a Sharpie on the back of the bra and it bled (fine point). Will something else work better? It looks like your bra has perfect lines! Thank you.

  7. just using a red sharpie doesn't make the ink bleed? can you still wash it normally?

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  9. Made one for my girlfriend tonight ... she is going to laugh so hard tomorrow!! It's fabulous! :)

  10. This is adorable! I am SO going to make one before our Red Sox trip this year!


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