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Saturday, April 18, 2009

All about Camille!

I am 23 years old right now. I was married to my knight, Luke, Dec of 2007. I'm so in love with him! I love to read and could spend hours in my own little world reading a book! Luke loves baseball! He loves playing baseball, talking about baseball, watching baseball and of course coaching baseball. In the four apartments we have had since getting married at least one part of the house has been decorated in his baseball stuff. The first one was the bathroom (It looked pretty cool!), the second was our hall "of fame", the third was our bedroom (we weren't there long tho.) and the fourth and final is the spare room and another bathroom.

I love to sew but just start to get into it. The first quilt I sewed was my wedding quilt, it got me hooked. I've always wanted to sew my own clothes but when ever I go to my grandma's for help she ends up taking it over. :-) I'm going to make a dress tho. I sewed 4 aprons this last Christmas for Luke's family.

I've really enjoyed cooking new recipes. It's fun to find some thing that looks good and find out that it is really good! Whenever Luke and I invite some one over I end up cooking a new recipe that I haven't tried before! It's a rush trying to make sure it turns out well! So far I'm 4 for 4!! Woo hoo!

I need to confess a few things, I have road rage and I get very upset at sporting events. I'm sure you will here plenty of it. I know I make a fool of myself but seriously stupid people make me so mad!

Well please enjoy reading this blog! Hopefully you can gain new things from my blog! Drop me a line and tell me hi!


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